When good people do bad things.

When good people do bad things.


Sometimes people have to be bad.

On any given day, many of us see ourselves as villains. We believe, that, like villains, our psyches become hell bent on corrupting the normalcy of our existence.

Often we are bad as a result of being good, so good that the little ball of anger has suddenly exploded into a a moon sized comet headed for Earth.

Now and then, we express our anger. Sometimes we throw things, break up with our significant others, or even punch another human being.

If anger is the sudden release of our stresses, we are conditioned to feel shame afterwards.

A one night stand.

An expensive dress.

A slip of the tongue.

Anger is forgivable because it is usually unexpected. Gifts too, are unexpected, yet they have an entirely different effect on how we feel.

Gifts are pleasant surprises to the reacting person in question... Anger on the other hand, is unwelcome, revolting, and honestly a little embarrassing to be on the receiving end of.

Gifts and anger are ephemeral experiences. Because they are short lived, surprising, and disruptive to our day to day lives, we see these as two sides of the same coin.

Anger is a reward for being good. 

It is entirely perplexing, then, that bad decisions can change the way we see someone.

Sleeping with your best friend's girlfriend.


Cheating on a test.

Yes, these are all bad things. But bad things do not make us bad people. 

Bad things make us human. 

Film has shown us our humanity time and time again, in Brooklyn's Finest, Daredevil, Crash.

We save lives at the cost of others.

We steal bread for our own survival, aware that the local bakery is barely breaking even.

We stay with the people we care about, because we cannot bear to see them hurt.

Often we believe that movies are just for show. But if film and real life has taught us anything, it is that heroes can fall from grace.

The fall is even harder to recover from than the high.

The trick is to accept that more often than not, we have to fall from high above the sky. By falling back onto the concrete ground, we look up, and see where we've been.

We can choose to stay where we are, climb back to where we were, or surpass where we have been.

It's hard to hit the nail on the head. It's even harder to tell if you've hit it or not. 

If we see anger as an opportunity for recovery rather than a mark for failure, we are better people because of it.

We cannot be good people or bad people.

We can only be better . 




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