PBS Opinion: 'The One'

PBS Opinion: 'The One'

We grow up with this idea that there is One person for everyone. Picked out for us by the heavens to be our perfect partner.

We bide our time, waiting patiently, hoping for the perfect partner to cross our path, just so we can begin a wondrous relationship and find that 'love' written about in songs and stories alike.

I hate to break it to you, but 'the one' doesn't exist in the real world.

There is no such thing as 'the one'. Instead, we have 'the many': the people who interact with you daily, each having different thoughts, ambitions, likes and dislikes.

It's from this many, that you wont find 'the one'; but someone who could be.

We all have that image of our perfect partner. But more often than not, that image never truly comes to fruition. What we may think would be the best for us usually never is, and its that image of how you wanted it to be that screws us up the most.

Relationships are commonly built from similar interests

The law of similar interests is simple: fit and active people meet other fit and active people in the gym, social people meet other socialites at parties, and so forth. But interests change. You wouldn't say that you enjoy everything you did ten years ago, so don't expect to like the same things tomorrow as you do today.

It's not a question of how similar is they are to you, but how compatible you are with each other.

Does it work? The extrovert helping the introvert out of their shell, the wallflower showing the party-goer the joys of being silent in a world that won't shut up.

Its these personality traits that make up a person, not their interests. And the interaction of these traits is what makes the relationship real. Rather than a superficial bond based on similarity.

In the end its not about THE one, but meeting one of 'the many,' who in time - becomes the only ONE for you.


Edited by Liam Luangrathrajasombat.

Written by Ethan De Guzman.

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